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Tribal Healing At Royal Life Centers

Our Tribal Healing program at Royal Life Centers follows the teachings of Wellbriety’s White Bison-certified cultural education curriculum. Through Wellbriety, our program illustrates the origins and influencing factors of Native American substance use as a means of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Within Tribal Healing, our staff of Tribal Addiction Specialists perform substance abuse assessments, dual diagnosis evaluations, and create individualized treatment plans with each guest. At Royal Life Centers, we aim to develop and promote a reassuring atmosphere in a culturally based environment to encourage beneficial behavioral changes so that our guests may regain fulfilling relationships within themselves, their families, and their communities.

We are proud to say that our Tribal Healing program reconciles our guests with traditional Native cultural practices and customs. In doing so, guest involvement and collaboration, participation in tribal ceremonies and events, and educational courses promote healing and growth from within. Download brochure HERE

  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing

Holistic Treatment for Tribal Healing

Royal Life Centers’ Tribal Healing focuses on the holistic recovery of our tribal guests through the fusion of traditional, evidence-based treatment practices with traditional Native American philosophies and customs. Within the Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps, our staff of tribal specialists educate our guests on prevention, preparation, and harm reduction tactics regarding alcohol and drug addiction within the scope of Native practices. Additionally, our staff reviews the historical trauma inflicted on native peoples following the introduction to European settlers, offering practical and positive coping skills to aid in their healing from intergenerational trauma.

We at Royal Life Centers are proud to be one of ten Wellbriety certified substance abuse treatment centers as it affords us the opportunity to honor the centuries-old traditions of holistic healing for any and all tribal members in need of SUD treatment.

The Wellbriety Movement was formed as a way to fill the gap in Native American healthcare, providing culturally-based healing for current and future generations of Indigenous people.

Welibriety Teachings:

Traditional Customs
  • The Cycle of Life
  • The 4 Directions
  • 4 Seasons of Recovery
  • AA in Indian Country
  • Wisdom Circles
  • How to Conduct Talking Circles
Cultural Allegories
  • Eugene B Recalls Meeting Bill W
  • Story of the Orange Frog
Female-focused Motivations
  • Celebrating Motherhood
  • Women Taking Their Power Back
  • Message to a Younger Sister

Wellbriety aims to revitalize the traditional tribal principles, values, and teachings to restore the strong foundation of health and interconnectedness amongst Native American communities. In doing so, the movement aspires to promote holistic tribal healing of alcohol abuse, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and the aftereffects of intergenerational trauma.

As a center of excellence, White Bison offers tribal healing training in addition to necessary tools and resources that promote sustainable and beneficial growth within Native American Communities.

White Bison Training Programs:

Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps
  • Blends traditional Native American beliefs with the 12-step approach
Mending Broken Hearts
  • Addresses the effects of intergenerational trauma
Warrior Down
  • Relapse prevention plan and recovery coach program
The Red Road to Wellbriety
  • Education on Native culture and traditions

White Bison is the Wellbriety Movement’s globally recognized training institute that offers substance abuse treatment programs training and certifications in Wellbriety’s culturally-based healing curriculum. A meticulously crafted embodiment of Wellbriety, White Bison works to pass on native-based education to improve indigenous people’s connection to the traditions and customs that allowed their ancestors to flourish and coexist in nature, their communities, and as individuals.

  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing
  • Tribal Healing

The Opportunity to Heal

Native American addiction treatment should be individualized to include a foundation of culture, tradition, and values alongside the evidence-based practices found in quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. The spiritual ideology of interconnectedness is at the very core of Native American culture and it is that belief system that sustained the healthy, peaceful way of life amongst tribal communities prior to the introduction of European pioneers who attempted to erase Native people or indoctrinate them into European culture. To revitalize the traditional tribal teachings of unity and oneness with the Earth, we at Royal Life Centers work with our guests to reconnect their spirit to the world and all of its elements, bringing them clarity and wholeness alongside their recovery.

Our dedication to providing compassionate care to those who seek our help is extended to reach tribal members who deserve a full opportunity to experience a life of sobriety built on their cultural beliefs and foundation of values.

The Opportunity to Heal

Reach Out to Our White Bison Certified Tribal Addiction Specialist

Dominic Milano

Dominic Milano, our tribal specialist, is available to help you figure out the details of your treatment. Dominic’s extensive knowledge and experience will make the process of entering treatment easy.

Call or email Dominic Milano here:

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Mending Broken Hearts

Mending Broken Hearts is a certification gained from a White Bison and Wellbriety Movement training course. Mending Broken Hearts focuses on an approach to addressing intergenerational trauma for the purpose of healing. Mending Broken Hearts teaches about the trauma from stripping away the culture, interconnectedness, elders’ teachings, spirituality, language, values and ceremonies from Native Americans. Historically, this trauma occured generations ago, as a consequence of mission and boarding schools that the Native American youth were forced into. This shift resulted in trauma— the taking away of an identity, values, having native languages silenced, even sexual and physical abuse.

The pain from this trauma is still felt, seven generations later. We are committed to breaking this cycle. Some of the biggest roadblocks to addiction treatment for Native Americans are addressing this intergenerational trauma, the generations of substance abuse and addiction, generations of shame and generations of abuse. We use the knowledge from this training to address the very real and ever-present root emotions of anger, guilt, shame, and fear— so that we can make room for healing.

Medicine Wheel and 12-Step Program

The medicine wheel in Native American culture is a sacred symbol that represents healing and health. Often, the medicine wheel is regarded as a representation of all knowledge of the universe, a true symbol of hope and healing— for those who seek it. The medicine wheel’s symbolism can vary from tribe to tribe, as it is up to their interpretation. The medicine wheel has four directions: north, east, south and west. Each of these directions is a marker for many other attributes of that section of the medicine wheel.

Many people recognize the four directions as representative of…

the stages of life
  • birth, youth, adult, death
aspects of life
  • spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual
the natural elements in our world
  • fire, earth, air, water
the seasons
  • winter, spring, summer, fall
ceremonial plants
  • sweetgrass, tobacco, cedar, sage

The medicine wheel and 12-step program is another certification that is focused on healing the pain in communities (hurt, violence, suicide, the impact of addiction, etc.) and provide a program geared specifically to model a 12-step approach that has a cultural foundation. This adjusted 12-step program is based on teachings of the medicine wheel, the cycle of life, the Four Laws of Change, and ceremonial practice. Including culture, tradition, and values into this 12-step approach proves to be the missing piece for many tribal members who need more of a tailored approach to a traditional 12-step program of recovery.

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Reach Out To Join Our Tribal Healing Program

Royal Life Centers is in-network with Shasta Insurance and the Healthcare Management Administration (HMA). We also have a collaborative relationship with IHS (Indian Health Services) and are fully willing to work with other insurance providers in order to get you into our Tribal Healing program for treatment. Should our admissions team find that your insurance plan is out of network we will work relentlessly on your behalf to come to an agreement with your provider.

Royal’s Tribal Healing Point of Contact

If you are looking to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to reach out to our Corporate Liaison for tribal members, Dominic Milano. Dominic is certified by the White Bison organization with over five years of experience in the addiction treatment field. As a tribal addiction specialist, Dominic works within our admissions department as the point of contact for tribal members. He collaborates with tribes, insurance providers, and you to ensure that you receive the quality addiction treatment you need.

Please contact Dominic Milano for additional information and assistance in entering our tribal healing addiction treatment programs.

To expedite the admissions process, you may begin by filling out the form below, which sends your information directly to Dominic in the Tribal Healing department. In doing so, we can accelerate the verification of your insurance and start your entrance into our treatment program.

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At Royal Life Centers, we are dedicated to providing quality care, unmatched standards, and only the best practices. Reach out to us today, our team of addiction specialists make themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.

*ASAM 3.7 Level of Care Certified at The Haven, Spokane Heights, and Arizona Detox Royal Life Centers Facilities.
"Accreditations are a mark of excellence, they establish which treatment programs offer the best in quality care and treatment practices. If you are looking for an approved and established addiction treatment program, please verify a center’s accreditations before you or your loved one enter that program. Because We Care."