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meet our staff

  • Frank Cid

    Frank Cid

    Founder and CEO

    In September of 2009, Frank Cid vowed to change ...

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  • Shannon Cid

    Shannon Cid

    Executive Director

    Shannon Cid has her Bachelor's in Zoology, and ...

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  • Dr Lisa Tomsak

    Dr Lisa Tomsak

    Medical Director

    Dr. Lisa Tomsak has served as the exclusive ...

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  • Natalie Buchanan

    Natalie Buchanan

    Nurse Manager

    ​Natalie Buchanan is the Nurse Manager in Royal ...

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  • Bien Nguyen

    Bien Nguyen

    Physician Assistant

    Bien Nguyen is our Physician Assistant in Royal ...

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  • Montsho Corpetts

    Montsho Corpetts

    Physician Assistant

    Montsho Corppetts, MPAS, PA-C is an established and ...

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  • Deborah Bledsoe

    Deborah Bledsoe


    Deborah Bledsoe is one of our amazing nurses ...

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  • George Gillis

    George Gillis


    George Gillis is one of our fantastic nurses ...

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  • Jennifer Carte

    Jennifer Carte


    ​Jen Carte is one of our amazing and ...

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  • Sarah Wachlin Perumal

    Sarah Wachlin Perumal


    Sarah Wachlin-Perumal is one of our caring nurses. ...

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  • Daniele Nachampassak

    Daniele Nachampassak


    Dani Nachampassak-A is one of our amazing and ...

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  • Kenneth Pimpleton

    Kenneth Pimpleton

    Clinical Director

    Kenneth Pimpleton is 59 years-old from Monroe, Louisiana. He ...

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  • Kippy Jones

    Kippy Jones

    Clinical Director

    Kippy Jones has been in the substance abuse ...

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  • Teresa Rorie

    Teresa Rorie

    Program Director

    Since 2008, Teresa Rorie has been working in the ...

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  • Melissa Tarasoff-Hood

    Melissa Tarasoff-Hood

    Director of Corporate Relations

    Originally born and raised in New Jersey, Melissa ...

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  • Yolin Tapia

    Yolin Tapia

    Director of Operations

    Yolin Tapia holds key experience in case management ...

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  • Rick Rorie

    Rick Rorie


    Rick Rorie is one of our esteemed therapists ...

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  • Emer Simpson

    Emer Simpson


    Emer Simpson is one of our amazing and ...

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  • Brian Henry

    Brian Henry


    Brian Henry is one of our amazing therapists ...

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  • Johnny Lewis

    Johnny Lewis


    Johnny Lewis is one of our therapists in ...

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  • Leslie Dodd

    Leslie Dodd


    Leslie Dodd has been one of our most ...

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  • Amelia Sohler

    Amelia Sohler


    Amy Sohler is our Licensed Mental Health Professional ...

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  • Sam Thompson

    Sam Thompson

    Director of Billing

    Sam Thompson has over 30 years of experience in ...

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  • Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor

    Chief Financial Officer

    Michael Taylor has over ten years of expert ...

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  • Maria Mollica

    Maria Mollica

    Executive Office Manager

    Maria Mollica has been a crucial part of ...

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  • Kelsey Kulick

    Kelsey Kulick

    Executive Assistant

    Kelsey Kulick is the executive assistant to the ...

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  • Joe Firicano

    Joe Firicano

    Director of Property Management

    Joseph is a Boston native who has been ...

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  • Gina Firicano

    Gina Firicano

    General Manager

    Originally born and raised in New Jersey, Gina ...

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  • Arianna Kosoglou

    Arianna Kosoglou

    Director of Digital Marketing

    Arianna Kosoglou heads the marketing department at our ...

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  • Jennie Penchia

    Jennie Penchia

    Office Manager - HR Rep

    Jennie is our office manager for both Royal ...

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  • Vladimer Ford

    Vladimer Ford

    BHT Supervisor

    ​Vladimer Ford is our caring and passionate BHT ...

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  • Spencer Newman

    Spencer Newman

    Executive Chef

    Spencer Newman is our beloved executive chef in ...

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  • Jonathan Winkler Hood

    Jonathan Winkler Hood

    BHT Supervisor

    Jonathan Hood is our BHT Supervisor in Royal ...

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  • Vincent Ruzzo

    Vincent Ruzzo

    Clinical Director - Arizona

    Dr. Ruzzo heads the clinical team at our ...

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  • Mimi


    Guest Safety and Security Expert

    Mimi is our newest staff member, tasked with ...

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At Royal Life Centers, we are dedicated to providing quality care, unmatched standards, and only the best practices. Reach out to us today, our team of addiction specialists make themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.

*ASAM 3.7 Level of Care Certified at The Haven, Spokane Heights, and Arizona Detox Royal Life Centers Facilities.
"Accreditations are a mark of excellence, they establish which treatment programs offer the best in quality care and treatment practices. If you are looking for an approved and established addiction treatment program, please verify a center’s accreditations before you or your loved one enter that program. Because We Care."